Wednesday, January 30, 2013


A friend and I took our four-legged buddies
to the beach today.

We walked to the far corner near some rocks
and set up camp so as not to 
disturb anyone!

It was Shallie's first time on the beach
and it didn't take her long to
discover she loved it!

She and her BFF (she has several), Marcell
shared many a secret
and many a snack
while enjoying their day in the sand!

It was yet another beautiful Dubai day.
The beach was darn near deserted and
 the water was cool.
The pups were very happy,
so my friend and I were very happy as well!

And then Shallie discovered a new past time --
digging in the sand!
She was so determined, I guessed she was 
digging to China, or at least to Iran,
as it is only 30 miles or so from our beach! 

I think we should have named her 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


We have a delivery, Ma'am/Sir!

A bright red spanking new car being delivered via helicopter?

Only in 

Monday, January 28, 2013


Did you know that Dubai has a restaurant called....

Um, I guess it's kind of hard to read up there, but it is called

Al Barari launches 'The Farm', Unique Concept Restaurant
The luxury eco-conscious residential development, Al Barari, located in the royal enclave of Nad Al Sheba, announces the launch of its unique concept restaurant, 'The Farm'. Set in the heart of the 14.2 million square foot estate's naturally lush surrounds, The Farm champions fresh, locally sourced produce for its carefully considered menus and will establish itself as a hub for UAE residents to enjoy a variety of social and entertainment activities.The Farm's philosophy is 'to serve great quality, wholesome food the way nature intended, in a relaxed and tranquil setting'. This ethos clearly shows in every facet of the restaurant, depicting a measured balance of eco-consciousness, superior quality and the contemporary, and always with the customers' enjoyment in mind. Combined, these principles have helped to create one of the most unique culinary experiences in the Middle East.

We met some dear friends there for dinner one evening
and guess what the highlight was for me? 
No, not the food -- even though it was superb!
No, not the restaurant itself -- even though it was amazing!
Would you believe each of us had an
in front of us that served as the menu!  

I just couldn't help myself --
I LOVED looking through the IPad at all the food choices!

We sat outside which was fabulous,
but thank goodness for the heaters, cuz it was rather chilly!

Here's where we ate on the outside patio,
which was green (really green) and beautiful!

The inside was beautiful as well -- and a bit warmer!

"The Farm" has a small retail area for 
browsing (and for buying)!

If you live in Dubai or are visiting.....
go on down to "The Farm"!
You certainly will not be disappointed!
Our group only had one small complaint --
no alcohol is served.
And let me tell ya, some of those dynamic entres
just begged to be served with a 
glass of wine!!

Go on.....down to "The Farm" and give it a try!!!    

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Inshallah here!

Today I am three months old!
I have lived in my new flat (with the rents) for one month; 
I LOVE to play golf (er rather, I love the pink golf ball);

I LOVE being in the arms of "the big guy";

I LOVE the funny pink monkey Murray & Jimmy got me;

 I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE bath time;

I LOVE counting all of my toys;

I LOVE resting in "the big guy's" comfy black leather chair;

I LOVE watching movies in "the big guy's" lap;

And I LOVE morning walks to Starbucks
and drinking out of the cool bowl that Mary gave me
while Mom drinks her coffee!
(Sigh, but I sure wish it was pink cuz I'm a pink kinda girl.) 

life at three months old!
But sometimes it just wears me out!

Thanks for listening!

Thursday, January 24, 2013


Go ahead!  Ask me!
"What did you have for lunch?"

Why, I had a Coke and a Camel Hump Burger!!!

I love the sound of that!

We met at a new restaurant that opened on 
the far side of the Marina! 

The burgers, we were told, were delightful!

We perused the menu and looked over our choices!

Then the waiter came out to take our orders.
He asked if we wanted a
When we looked at him with questions in our eyes,
he replied,
"Oh, it is veery gourmet, a Sanaam Burger."
"It is a burger made from the hump of a camel!"
Are you kidding me?   

One ordered a "safe" beef burger and said that it was

Several ordered a "camel" burger and said it couldn't
have been better!

And Yvonne and I ordered a "camel hump" burger......
and we loved it!  
It tasted like a very moist hamburger!!!

Look at what Yvonne wore to eat her first
"camel hump" burger.....
her camel pants, of course!

BBF with BFF's!!

Go ahead.....
Ask me again......
"What did you have for lunch?"

A Coke and a Camel Hump Burger!

Thanks for asking!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!  

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


What's the weather like in Dubai right now?

Let's just say it is
And I mean, like really, really

The sky has been blue,
the temps in the low 80's, with a wonderful breeze blowing
most of the time.
The evenings have been cooler and we need 
a light jacket
or sweater to stay warm.

And then yesterday and today Shallie and I 
  woke up to this.......

And as we walked around the Marina
we felt like our
heads were in the clouds!

And we both are wondering,
at this very moment,
what TOMORROW, TOMORROW will bring!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We were heading back home to Dubai.
We were picked up by the tractor pulling the trailer!
Our bags were loaded and so were we!
Off we trudged through the water
to our awaiting Long Boat!

And off we went taking in the 
sights and smells
of Krabi
for the very last time.
(Hopefully not the VERY last time....
we do plan on returning some day!) 

The sun was beginning to rise over the water.

Before we knew it, we were at the pier
and hopping off the boat
and spellbound by the amazing sunrise!

Then we hopped on the sidecart of a motorcycle
and were driven down the pier to our awaiting van!

Before long, we were at the airport
boarding our flight back to Bangkok and then
on to Dubai.

S'long Thailand!  
We enjoyed every second of our time with you!