Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I never had the desire to have a small dog.  
But when Jason was 12 and Jonathan was 14, 
Jason begged for a Pomeranian.  
A Pomeranian?  
But, being a sucker for little kids (especially my own) 
and animals, 
I convinced John that we needed to get a Pomeranian
 to be best buddies with 
our seven year old Sheltie, Madison!

And we did!  
Teddy arrived weighing all of two pounds. 

From the day he joined our family, he kept us laughing!
And he made these two little boys really, really happy!

It didn't take long, however, for him to sneak 
into each one of our hearts. 
 He grew to be a whopping six pounds and somehow
accrued lots and lots of names, i.e., 
Ted, Teddy, Tedmeister, Little Tuffy, Pyscho Man, Tedmoe, 
Little Hitler, and Tedders.

He passed his training with flying colors, however, proceeded to show us who was in charge each and every day! 
 It seemed that WE needed to be trained,
 not Teddy!

For nine years Maddy and Teddy were best buds. 
 Maddy was sweet, gentle and had a huge desire to please.  Teddy was spunky, feisty and 
had a huge desire to do things HIS way!  

Although Teddy was a handful, 
he was MY HANDFUL throughout the years. 
 And I LOVED it!

He was so darn cute that 
everyone wanted to pick him up and hold him.  
And, if he was in the mood, 
he'd let you pick him up and be his friend!

Teddy LOVED to ride in cars, swim in our pool, go for walks, and EAT!   Everything he did, he did with GUSTO!

When we moved to Dubai he missed his boys,

but he adapted to life in the desert. 
 He went everywhere with us (when possible) 
and became my little shadow!

He made friends here in Dubai,


 and willingly posed for many a picture!

But sadly, 
Teddy never fully recovered from his pancreatitis. 
 He fought long and hard, 
but I guess it just wasn't meant to be.
He died peacefully in my arms yesterday. 
I like to think he is running through a field of green grass, terrorizing his sister Maddy, barking his little head off 
and completely pain free.
He was my best little buddy.

So, I guess this is it.....

Hi folks, Tedders here.   

Just wanted to share my last bark, 
my last growl, 
and my last wag of tail.
Thanks for listening 
over the last couple of years...


RUN, Tedders, RUN.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Ramadan is OVER and the Marina ladies are back at it.....

lots and lots of wine!

We're back and we couldn't be HAPPIER!
It was wonderful meeting some new arrivals 
and, of course,
seeing old friends again! 


This morning Tedders decided to
my yoga session from his comfy spot on the couch! 
Happy TGI-TH everyone!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


I have to admit, the homemade chicken pot pie I made the other night was not only beautiful, it was quite delicious!

And it certainly looked fabulous served on our good china, don't ya think?  Yea, we're cool like that!


On a side note, Teddy has new table manners!  Since he's gotten sick he's been eating canned food to which I add some dry food (that he has eaten and loved his entire almost 12-year-old life).  He now spends time each morning and each evening picking out every morsel of dry and leaving them all over the kitchen floor!


Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The long deserted Hard Rock Cafe is coming down.  It's been told that this restaurant was booming way before any of the highrises that make up The Dubai Marina were even built.  It had a liquor license and boasted a huge following.  Then (who knows which story is really the truth  -- there are many!) it lost its license and eventually closed its doors.

"It is amazing how quickly a Dubai Icon can appear and disappear!  Dubai's Hard Rock Cafe opened in 1998. Its location on Dubai's outer edge defied logic! HRC was difficult to get to. Who would go there? It's architectural theme of a mini Empire State Building in the desert brought differing opinions. Some thought HRC an eyesore and out of keeping with Dubai's development. Others made HRC their favourite place whatever they thought of its architecture! HRC offered something new!

Chuck Berry performed for HRC's opening in 1998. Dubai's Hard Rock Cafe thrived despite its location and architecture and became more popular as Dubai grew. Slowly HRC was surrounded by Internet and Media Cities.  Eventually that growth engulfed HRC. Its land became a prime development site for "new developments".

Announcement of HRC's closure and future demolition led to a popular movement to save this modern day Dubai Icon. In March 2009 Dubai's Hard Rock Cafe closed and was eventually demolished in spite of public protest."    DUBAI AS IT USED TO BE

The last statement, "In March 2009 Dubai's Hard Rock Cafe closed and was eventually demolished in spite of public protest." is actually not entirely true!  Although the HRC did close in 2009, it is still standing.  It has been deserted with construction barricades all around it since we moved to Dubai.  And it has looked kind of out of place, with all the highrises in the background.

But now, it seems the Hard Rock Cafe's empty shell of a building is actually being taken down. The windows have been removed and it looks like some demolition has begun.

It's kind of sad, don't you think?


He is chillaxing and feeling oh so good!!