Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Monday, July 30, 2012


We've been back in the desert
for over a week.
I have NEVER experienced 
jet lag
like I have the past ten days!

I have spent hours poolside.  Let me rephrase that.
I have spent hours IN THE POOL!
It is WAY too hot to sit beside the water!
It's also the first/second week of 
meaning all restaurants and coffee shops 
are CLOSED until sunset!
Not exactly a riveting time to be back in the Middle East! 
But I did accomplish SOMETHING
during this bout of

I LOVE to paint!  
And when a friend at the pool
told me I could borrow his ladder, paintbrushes, rollers, etc.,
I decided "let's do this"! 
PLUS, I needed to stay awake all day long
in hopes
of finally sleeping all night long!

 After completing the main living area,
I headed back 
to the Master bedroom!

 I ALMOST finished it,
but couldn't quite reach it all!
(Thanks John, in advance, for all of your help!)

Then across the hall I scurried,
 with my ladder and paintbrush, to the 
guest bedroom/office.
It looks really orange here but it is really
my new favorite color: CORAL!

I had great supervision
during my
painting frenzy.
'Ol Tedders was right there watching my every stroke!
(To be honest, he was bored to death sleep!)

Then, before I could control myself,
I added a splash of coral
in our entry!

I LOVE it! 
I wish I had more walls to paint.
It was just
sooooo much fun to......


Sunday, July 29, 2012


all good things must come to an end.
And two entire months
in the States
(which seemed like FOREVER when they began)
came to a fast conclusion!

But I certainly enjoyed the heck
out of each and every one of these LASTS.....

LAST Tuesday Night Yoga class
with margaritas afterwards!

 LAST 24th birthday
to be celebrated with Jason!
(I am so grateful both John and I were there 
to share the day with him!)

Jason's FAVORITE present,
(although he will never admit it),
was a Teddy look alike!

 LAST dental appointment
(sounds weird, eh?),
thus the LAST time seeing the amazing wildlife 
outside their window!

LAST lunch with some of my 
favorite people!
(Thanks Brianna and Nathan 
for waking up oh so early to meet me!)

 LAST lunch in Kentland, 
meaning last time to see family. 
(Come and visit!  Come and visit!)

LAST luncheon with some of the PEEPS
for a long while!
(Thank goodness for Facebook!)

LAST visits with special friends!

LAST hugs that will need to LAST for awhile!

LAST time to see some beautiful clouds,
brilliant blue skies,
breathtaking sunsets, and extraordinary wildlife!!

we enjoyed so much 
in those two months states-side!
John and I both feel so fortunate to have 
such fantastic families and friends 
to share the time together! 

LASTS to last a LIFETIME!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


It was our last weekend in the States.
It was time for a PEEP getaway weekend in Nashville, IN.

We rented an adorable little house
right on the main drag.

We shared many a delightful meal,

shopped in the quaint little stores in Nashville,

shared many a laugh (and many a drink),

and missed Murrassco very, very much!!
But we toasted her and Rosebud throughout the weekend.

And we thought of her when we saw this shirt......

All in all, it was a fantastic getaway!
One that, we've decided, will become a yearly tradition.
But next time, 
ALL the Peeps will have to be present!

 It's been quite a while since our college years,
but we all still agree that...