Saturday, December 31, 2011


Friday, December 29, 2011

Hey Ho Daisy, Duke and Darcy,

It's your cousin, Teddy, here!  Hope all is well on the home front!  Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that your rents are doing A-Okay!  Guess what?  They actually took me with them today on a road trip!  Yup, I was a lucky dog (literally) and got to go to Abu Dhabi!

First, we went to a place called Ferrari World.  They got to actually go see something, but left me IN THE CAR!  Can you believe that?  I barked and barked (I gave it the old college try, guys, really I did) but they left me anyway.  GRRRR! 

Oh, I'm supposed to tell you guys to tell Daniel "this one's for you"!!!

I was relieved when they came back to the car and off we went once again! This time we went to a place called Yas Island where the Formula One race takes place! You bet I wanted to see the track with the cars racing around! I would have chased those cars for the three of you! But nooooo, they left me AGAIN.

So they got to go see the Yas Hotel and the track and I got to sit in the car petrified -- those cars are way toooooo loud for my ears!  Finally, they joined me again for another car Emirates Palace, where a really, really nice guard told them that they couldn't go inside today without a reservation! (The place was fully booked due to the holidays!)  I yapped with joy and could've licked that guard all over!!

So off we went again to a place called The Grand Mosque.  I could see it off in the distance and couldn't wait to go inside.  Would you believe they left me in the car again?  This was getting really old!  Yupped, they ditched me and off they went to tour the place.  GRRRRR.

Hey Triple D's, look a little closer at what happened to your Mom in that place.  Weird, really weird!

FINALLY they came back to the car and we were on the road again!  I was sooooo thrilled!  But then they stopped at the Shangrila Hotel and had what my Mom described as "the best seafood salad I've ever eaten in my entire life!"  Oh great -- I was left in a sunbeam while they went inside and ate to their hearts content.  Life just isn't fair.  GRRRRRR.

Once they all came back to the car I thought we would be on our way home after a loooooong day sitting around (for me at least)!  But noooooooo.  They had to stop at Carrefour grocery store to buy stuff for a New Year's Eve party we're going to tomorrow night.  And yes, they left me again.  But first we got to see this, which was pretty awesome (except for all the stuff in the foreground)........

When we FINALLY made it home I decided to do couch time and watch all of them scurry around the kitchen.  Every now and again I'd get up in search of scraps, to no avail!

Oh what a day it was!  It's hard to believe that we are wrapping up 2011, but that is exactly what we are doing!  I'm sure looking forward to the party tonight.....what are your plans for New Year's Eve?

Whatever they are, I hope it's a good one!

Signing off for now Daisy, Duke and Darcy!  Sure wish you were here!!




Friday, December 30, 2011


Thursday, December 28

Hey Darcy, Daisy, and Duke,

Today is your Dad's birthday and he started it out doing what he does best....first an hour and a half in the gym (OMG) and then off to Emirates Golf Course to hit that little white ball around.  Yes, I'm certain he wished you were there to chase that ball for him!

Your Mom and I took a walk all the way down the JBR Walk and back with your cousin,Teddy, this morning.  He was a happy camper, to be sure!  But he sure wished you were here to walk with us. 

After we finished, your Mom and I went to the gym (no, not Teddy!) and worked out on the elliptical machine for a half hour!  Boy, did that feel good!
Once John got home, we all ventured out to the iconic Bob's Antique Museum where we almost lost your Mom in the long narrow aisles of stuff and more stuff!!  (Don't worry -- we finally found her!)

Then off we went to pick up your Dad after his date with the golf course.  He loved it!!

We were STARVING (I know you three can relate), so we stopped by the Hilton's Wavebreaker and ate a delicious meal poolside and seaside!

After a few hours of chillin' back at the ranch, off we headed to the Barasti for a nice beachside birthday dinner for dear old (er, young) Dad!!

Hey Duke and Daisy and Darcy -- can you say "RIBS"?  Can you say "RIB BONES"?  Man, we wish you were here to enjoy them as takeaway!  Your Dad and Uncle John enjoyed them for you!

Your Mom and Dad miss you dearly....they told me to tell you three to behave for Cathy (as I'm sure you are!).  I'll wrap up now as we head to bed......big day tomorrow in Abu Dhabi!!  Thanks for sharing your Mom with me -- it's great sharing cousin time!!


Aunt Jani

Thursday, December 29, 2011


Wednesday, December 27

Dear Daisy, Duke, and Darcy,

Hey there pups!  Just wanted to give you three an update on what your Mom and Dad did today in Dubai!

First, we all woke up, crawled out of bed and off your Dad went to the gym to work out for an hour and a half.  (Uncle John decided that your Dad exercised enough for the both of them!  And he was mighty grateful!)  After breakfast we took them both on a driving tour of Dubai.  We stopped off at Jumeirah Beach, simply to put our toes in the water and to watch the kite surfers. (Yea, it was pretty windy outside.)  You'll never believe what we saw!  A man and his Mom and Dad found a little turtle who had washed up on shore covered in barnacles.  The poor thing could barely swim.  I am happy to report that the man called the police who then called an agency who came to pick up the turtle to rehabilitate it!  I'm so sorry to tell you that I was so excited I forgot to take pictures so you could see it!  Believe me, it was a pitiful sight to behold.  But one that will hopefully have a good ending!

We then drove through Deira and Burj Dubai (those are the older parts of Dubai along the creek) and then north to another emirate, Sharjah, (to a place called The Blue Souk), and then came back to have lunch at The Waterfront, a restaurant that is located between the Burj Al Arab and The Jumeirah Beach Hotel. (Thank you, Michael!!)

After lunch we drove back home to let your cousin, Teddy, out for a potty break.  As I'm sure you three totally understand, he was quite "relieved"!!

Off we went to the Mall of the Emirates (no, Teddy did not go with us -- unfortunately, no dogs are allowed!) where we saw Ski Dubai and decided that we would definately partake sometime this week!  It's only Wednesday and the mall was bustling with loads and loads of people!

We browsed through some shops at Madinat Jumeirah...

 ...and ate dinner outside and enjoyed some drinks at a restaurant called the Left Bank.  Sorry to tell you that John ate some delicious ribs which resulted in some mighty fine rib bones that he would have shared with you had you come over.  Oh well, maybe next time!

That's it for today!  Your Mom and Dad think about you often!  I promise to keep you three up-to-date on how they
are doing over here in the Middle East!  So far so good! 


Aunt Jani

PS Your cousin, Teddy, would like to say a great big "THANKS" for the toy that you sent!  He loves, loves, LOVES IT!!! 

Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Duke, Darcy and Daisy:

Just wanted to let you know that
your Mom and Dad
have arrived
Safe and Sound
in Dubai!

Here, see for yourselves:

Deb & Don
have landed in the Middle East
and we couldn't be


They're here!  They're here!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Yes, there's more to say
Sharm El-Sheikh!

1. When John and I walked out of the airport
we saw this sign......

....but then we saw guys in army fatigues
walking around armed with
machine guns.  Huh?

2. The Marriott, where we stayed, was great! 
However, they did funny things with
their towels!

3.  The curbs along the streets are
approximately two feet tall;
the cab drivers honk
non-stop; and camels are ridden
in the streets
and on the sidewalks!

4. The OLD MARKET is
an awesome area
to go after a
long day of scuba diving! 
It has shops
and restaurants
and camels
many, many people bugging you to
"Buy this!"
"Buy that!"
"Need a ride?"

5. Sharm El-Sheikh
for Christmas, big time!

6. The Red Sea is beautiful
above the surface
as well as

7.  Our new little Nikon Coolpix
underwater camera
some mighty fine

I know I'm rambling,
and I know I've said it before,
but I'll
say it again,

"Sharm El-Sheikh

S.I.M.P.L.Y. A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!"