Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The time in the USA has be wonderful!  It's been chock-full of gatherings with family and friends.  I have only one week left (one that is FILLED TO THE MAX), so I wanted to start posting some of the "special moments in the USA"!  

After my nephew's fantastic wedding in Michigan, we headed up to Kentland for a cookout with John's family.  It was a beautiful evening and we soooooo enjoyed grilling out.  Remember, we haven't been able to bbq since moving to Dubai, as grills are not allowed on our balconies!  So it was W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L..!!

There's just nothing quite like an evening spent sitting on the deck chatting with family and eating a grilled burger!  So great seeing you all!  Great cooking, Mike!


A gathering just wouldn't be a gathering without my peeps -- my Ball State University forever and ever friends!  There is nothing quite like an evening spent with these gals!

And, on occasion, we let the boys join our fun!

And so the fun in the States continues.  I've got some catching up to do with posting pictures.  I'll try, I'll try, I'll try to be better!  Just remember.....these photos are not edited in any way, shape or form!  But they do represent special moments we've enjoyed in the USA!

Friday, May 27, 2011


WOW, what an awesome day!  Although it rained buckets ALL DAY LONG, Patte came to visit!  We shared lunch together and then had a mani and pedi!!  What could beat that?  Another busy day tomorrow.....when I get a minute I'll post pictures! Gosh, I just realized I didn't take one single picture today!  Geeze, I'm a slacker!  Until then.....

These little guys were in a tank at a garden center in Dubai.  I was tempted.  I really was!  I LOVED it when I had Will and Grace back in the day!  Yes, I was tempted!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


The fun and the food continues.  It's been great catching up with people I haven't seen since moving to Dubai!  I've had to schedule 6 physical therapy sessions for my shoulder -- I've only been to the first one and it felt soooooooooo good!!  I'm hoping to resume yoga once back in Dubai.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed....so far so good!  Gotta go -- my second appointment is in a few minutes. So, until later.........

A "New Massage Center" it boasts.  "Give you relaxation massage" it promises.  Yes, this business card was slipped under our door before we left for the US.

Think it's legit?  HaHaHa!  Trust me, we will never know for sure!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


I literally FORGOT to post anything yesterday! OMGoodness, that has never happened before.  And I'm heading out the door now to meet up with the girls for a nice dinner.  So, until I have a minute or two to actually post something.......

Some of my favorite stores back (here) in Indiana are the CVS and Walgreens pharmacies.  They literally can be found on every street corner these days....or so it seems!

However, in the UAE, the pharmacies come in a different kind of package.....

They may not be as big or as pretty as the pharmacies in the states.  However, you can buy anything over-the-counter at these pharmacies....WITHOUT A PRESCRIPTION!  Take that CVS and WALGREENS!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Oh my goodness, how time is flying here in the States!  John's two week vacation came to an end last Tuesday when he boarded the flight back to Dubai.  And yes, he made it back home to the UAE safe and sound! 

I have LOVED spending time with family and friends at breakfasts, then lunches, then dinners!  OMG I need to go work out, but we cancelled our membership to the gym here!  I need to do some yoga, but my mat and clothes are in Dubai!  I need to go for a walk, but I SIMPLY DO NOT HAVE TIME! (Nor do I have Teddy here to walk with me.)  :(:(:(

I've even cooked a few dinners for Jon and Jas and have gotten to spend a minute here and there with each of them in between their shifts at work!  It's been cold and rainy here until today.  It was sunny and beautiful at long last and I got to  cut the grass!  It didn't even take an hour.....thank goodness for our downsized yard and house!  Best decision we ever made!

I'm feeling like I have one foot in Indianapolis and one foot in Dubai!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE getting together with my peeps and family!  I am treasuring the time with Jon and Jas.  But I have to admit, I'm thinking about the sunshine, the poolside, the sandy beaches, Dieds, and all my new peeps back in Dubai!  Wouldn't it be sooooo cool to be able to somehow merge the two together!  A girl can dream, right?

Tomorrow.....a cookout to celebrate Jon's birthday!  Pray it doesn't rain as is predicted.  I'll post pictures, I promise!  Until then......

I speak English.  Or, I thought I spoke English.  Until I moved to Dubai, that is!  I am surrounded here by Brits who speak what they call "Proper English".

Here are some of the words they use.  I swear I need English lessons!  Help!!

#1: Prat

a stupid or foolish person

#2: Twee
affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, cute, or quaint

#3: Knackered
tired, exhausted

#4: Jiggery-pokery
dishonest or suspicious activity; nonsense

#5: Plonk
cheap or inferior wine

#6: Chunter

to talk in a low inarticulate way: mutter

#7: Whinge

to complain fretfully: whine

#8: Gormless

lacking intelligence: stupid

#9: Boffin

a scientific expert and especially one involved in technological research

#10: Pukka

genuine, authentic; first-class

And last, but certainly not least, did you know that "I've got to spend a penny." is the PROPER way to say, "I've got to go to the bathroom"?  

I swear I understand Arabic better than I do my British friends and their "Proper English".  Let me repeat what I find myself saying over and over to them: "Can you say that one more time?"

Friday, May 20, 2011


There's nothing quite like a wedding!  The much anticipated day, May 7, 2011, was finally upon us!  Because Jenna and Daniel's ceremony wasn't until later in the evening, we had the morning to enjoy a Green Festival that was going on in downtown Plymouth!

Then it was back to the hotel to meet up with Jon and Jas who finally arrived!  Then back out for a bite to eat!

And then.........it was wedding time!  HURRAY!  We all got cleaned up and met at The Chapel at The Inn at St. John's 
for the long-awaited and long-looked-forward-to: DANIEL AND JENNA'S WEDDING!!!!

Let the ceremonies begin.....I mean, let the ceremony begin!

And at long last....Daniel spots his gorgeous bride, Jenna....

 She joins him at the altar.....

Father eloquently speaks about the bride and the groom....

The bridesmaids and the groomsmen listen as the vows are spoken...

And then, for the very first time as Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Murry, they kiss.....

And everyone is thrilled for them!  Picture time!

And then it was time to walk down the hall to where the reception was being held......

The tables were absolutely beautiful with gorgeous centerpieces.....

The cake was awesome and it was soon time for the bride and groom to cut it....

Then the matron of honor and the best man spoke.....

and everyone listened....

A prayer was offered....

and fun was had by all......

As you can see, it was a gorgeous wedding!  Jenna was a stunning bride and Daniel made for a handsome groom!  It's hard to believe that their special day has come and has gone....but thank goodness for pictures!  I will never forget their wonderful day!

CONGRATULATIONS DANIEL AND JENNA!  You are in for the ride of your life -- enjoy the journey!  I love you both very, very much!