Monday, February 28, 2011


We'd heard stories.  We borrowed a UAE Off Road Map to study.  We read about it.  And then we began to plan our road trip to the Empty Quarter!

Here was our plan: Leave Dubai and head southeast to Abu Dhabi; continue southeast to Tarif; head south to Liwa; go west to Hamim; and then venture north to route 11; back to Dubai.  So early last Friday morning, John, Teddy and I got into the Prado and started our adventure!

This is what empty looks like....

This is what empty but beautiful looks like....

This is what empty but beautiful and unbelievable look like.....

This is what we saw all the way down to Liwa....

Here's what the Liwa Oasis looks like....

It was an amazing drive through the Empty Quarter.  We saw nothing but sand dunes for miles and miles.  We weren't complaining, as each view was more spectacular than the last.  We thought we were alone, however, there was evidence that life does exist out there....

It wasn't until we were heading north from Hamim that we finally saw some life...

And then look what appeared on the side of the road.....

And then, a little further down the road, we saw....not one, not two, but an entire parade of camels!  I'm not sure where they were going but it looked like they were on a mission! Seeing these camels was the icing on the cake! It made our road trip through the Empty Quarter utterly FANTASTIC!

Suddenly empty didn't look so empty!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


It seems like everyone in Dubai got the memo: Marigolds are out; Petunias are in!! 

Yes, Marigolds are "oh so Winter quarter!"

But Petunias are most definately "in" for Spring!

I swear it happened overnight......I went to bed with Dubai dripping in Marigolds and woke up the next morning to Petunias EVERYWHERE!! 

Did you, by chance, get the memo?

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi folks, Teddy here!

Just wanted to let you know that the three of us are getting up bright and early tomorrow morning (sigh) to take a road trip to the "EMPTY QUARTER!"  They tell me cool photos should follow!

This is where I intend to stay the entire trip; snug as a bug in someone's arms.  It's where I belong, you know.  Especially since I'm really not too thrilled with the sound of "THE EMPTY QUARTER!"

Oh, and Happy TGI-TH, everyone!  Have a great weekend!