Friday, November 26, 2010


As you've probably figured out by now, John and I have been in the States the last week.  Well, John flew in on Wednesday and then back out this past Monday as he had to get back to Dubai for work.  Bummer.  At least he made it here for some business, his Mom's birthday party surprise and the early Thanksgiving with his family. 

But he missed out on a great Thanksgiving with Jon and Jas and my sister and her family!  My brother-in-law's Mom and siblings and families were there to celebrate as well and we thank them for sharing the holiday with us!!

The delicious smells lured us to the festive table....

The Thanksgiving feast was delicious, the table was beautiful, the company was wonderful....and these candies at every place setting were adorable!!

Once again, as is tradition, we ate way too much of everything!!  We had to recuperate so we adjorned (my brother-in-law is currently a Judge and my two nephews are newly sworn in attorneys so I have to use words they will understand!!) to the lower level to play games and share some snacks....and laughter!!

It seemed like the evening was over way too quickly!  Thanks, Patte and Mike, for a wonderful Thanksgiving!  We are soooo glad we were able to spend it with you! 

And, by the way, the boys could not wait until Christmas to open their gifts from you!!  They loved the BW3 and gas gift cards, laughed at the Tony Packo's pickles and chili, but ya wanna know what they absolutely thought was the most awesome.....

Just so you know, I told them both that if these gifts lead to any trouble whatsoever.....they are to call Uncle Mike to bail them out!!!

Thanks sooooo much for everything!  We will see you in five months at Daniel and Jenna's wedding!!  Love you all very much!!  And, John, you were missed!!


Wednesday, November 24, 2010


My mouth is tired from all the laughter.  My pants are tight from all the food.  But there's nothing better than the Thanksgiving Dinner that comes out of Joanne's kitchen.....

It's a gathering place for not only the "chefs" but everyone else!!

And finally, after much anticipation, the feast is ready to be devoured!!  The hungry masses line up....

And we savor the quiet as we savor every morsel of each and every dish (and there were many, many, MANY dishes!)...

Then we visit and then we eat some more!!!

After we finished the feast we went to the gym to cheer on two of our nieces that were playing basketball....on opposing teams!!   Go Red Team!  Go Green Team!!

Yes, two nieces were players.....and another niece was one of the coaches!

Although it was a bit confusing cheering for both teams to win (I've never done that before!) we had a great time in the stands!  There's nothing better than cuddling a newborn great niece!

It was a great game -- I don't remember who won, but I do know who my two favorite players were....

It is now three days after our Thanksgiving feast.  I am still stuffed.  My pants remain tight.  And tomorrow the boys and I head to my sister's house guessed it, another Thanksgiving Dinner!! 

I'm not quite sure where I'm going to put more food, but I do know that my mouth is already starting to water in anticipation of yet another wonderful feast  Not to mention....I can't wait to see my family!!