Thursday, July 29, 2010


Several things have happened to John since he arrived in Dubai to live about five weeks ago that are pretty funny stories! I know I've shared these with some of you, but I think they're worth noting!!!

In the highrise where our flat is located, there is a uniformed man stationed in the lobby 24/7. After we signed the lease, we were walking by the one on duty who happened to be there most of the time when we were there. As we were walking by him, John introduced us and asked him what his name was. He replied, "Abadabadoobaba." Not exactly that, but you get the idea, right? John said, "Okay, so we'll call you Aba!"

After I came back to the states, John called me laughing one night. He said that he passed Aba again that evening, stopped, and asked him once again to say his name. He repeated: "Abadabadoobaba." So John asked, "So help me out here. What can I call you for short?" The gentleman replied, "You can call me Baker!"

I couldn't wait to get back here to see Baker!! Unfortunately, he is now stationed in one of the other three towers. I'll have to go seek him out someday!!

After living in Dubai for five weeks, John FINALLY got his visa! It took forever and was denied twice! The first time it was denied was because three visa applications were turned in together and the country only accepts two at a time. John was the lucky one: DENIED!!

The second time it was denied was because they said that an employee in the office had an expired labor card. John found out that the employee's card had actually been renewed in time and paid in full with a receipt to verify it. As we say in the Middle East (we are learning!!), "It is what it is!", and once again, John. Was. DENIED!!!
Without a visa you can't get a driver's license or a liquor license. Without a driver's license, John has been unable to get a car! Thank goodness for cabs and the Metro!! No big deal about the liquor license, however, in 120 degree weather a nice cold brewskie would certainly taste good!!!
Finally, and at long last, he received his temporary visa! Next step: a physical examination. When John showed up at the doctor's office for his appointment, no one was in the waiting room. He went up to the window and told the Arab his name and that he had a 9:00AM appointment. The Arab asked him to take a number! John looked back at the empty waiting room and proceeded to take number 18. He went back and sat down and two minutes later the Arab opened the door and called out, "Number 18, Number 18, you can come back now." Yup, here in Dubai, IT.IS.WHAT.IT.IS!!
Another thing that happens here when you don't have a visa is that you can only stay in the emirate for thirty days. In some cases, you have to leave for a period of thirty days before they will let you back in. John was hearing different viewpoints. Some thought he'd have to be gone for thirty days. Others thought that because he was an American he just needed to go out of the emirate and then he could return.
Soooooo, on his thirtieth day, Nabil (who works with John) graciously agreed to drive John to Oman. With his bag packed, just in case, John and Nabil trucked through the desert towards Oman. John said it was beautiful and that they saw camel in the desert much like you would see deer off the side of the road in the states.

John said as they approached Oman it became mountainous and beautiful. They arrived at the border, crossed over the border, the guards stamped his passport, and they did a u-turn, crossed back over the border and headed back to Dubai. IT.IS.WHAT.IT.IS!!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Well, the stars all lined up and the sun was shining bright last Thursday when the closings on four houses and one lot actually happened which enabled me to fly to Dubai to begin this adventure with John!!

It's about 5 in the morning here and I am wide awake drinking a cup of coffee, checking emails, figuring out, once again, how to get a new post up on this blog, all while the magnificent lights from the Dubai Marina are shining in on me!! Nothing short of spectacular!!

It was a crazy last week in the good 'ol USA -- many chances to say "see you soon" to many beloved friends and family members!! A good friend's son summed it up when told his mom was, once again, out with her "peeps" (sorority sisters from Ball State) for our final lunch together: "What is this - the twelve step program of saying good-bye to Deeds?" Ha!! He summed it up well, but I wouldn't have wanted to miss a single get-together with Murray, Mary, Judy, Deb and Bev! Love ya, girlfriends!

And I am now officially RETIRED as I turned in my P&G computer, etc., over coffee with Terri and Mary, my new and my old boss!! I shared my last lunch with my P&G friends -- gonna miss those lunches, ladies!! Becky and Pat -- we need a Foot Finesse massage when I get back!

Thanks, everyone, for a wonderful send off! I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the times we have shared with you in preparation for this move! Thank goodness for email, blogging, texting, etc. which will certainly diminish the miles that separate us.

And have I mentioned that I am actually RETIRED?!! I was thinking about what I needed to get done this week and this is what I came up with: NOTHING!!!! After weeks of working off of lists of things to do to prepare for the BIG MOVE, the only thing I can think of that HAS TO BE DONE is NOTHING!! I can do it!! I can do it!! Pinch me now!!

Real quick......the boys drove me to the airport (thanks guys!) for our final good-bye. They joked (I think) that they had to hurry home to pick up the keg for tonight's party!! Just remember Jon and Jas -- I have people watching you!! John was at the airport in Dubai to greet me -- I missed that guy!! And this is what I came home to:

Yup, it feels great to be at our HOME SWEET HOME AWAY FROM HOME!!*!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Okay, so we all need to remember the learning curve. Why oh why, when I KNOW this should be a really simple process, is it giving me fits? Let's see if I can import the photos of our flat that I intended to import a week ago!! Here goes nothing!!!

All right!! SUCCESS!! Soooooo, enjoy the photos!!

View of the Marina from our Flat!!

Infinity Pool Overlooking the Dubai Marina!
Another Infinity Pool!
Master Bathroom
View from Dining Room and Bedrooms!
Guest Bedroom awaiting your arrival!!
John's Kitchen!
Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Dining Room

That's it!! That's our little "home away from home"! I'm back in Indy until the house here closes (which might actually happen!!). Then I'm Dubai-bound to add a little touch here and there to make this flat a home!! I can't wait to get there to get this adventure started!!!!